QS – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Preface This document is intended to assist the service technician in the operation, maintenance and repair of the QS Series 64 Voice Synthesizer/ Controller. QS7/QS8 Reference Manual 1 2 QS7/QS8 Reference Manual Table of Contents Contents 1: Setting Up 7 Unpacking and Inspection 7 AC Power 7 Line.

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In the case of Pitch, where you can choose from various pitch effects, different parameters are available depending on the effect chosen. The diagram is similar to a block diagram for a mixer, with signal moving generally from the left to the right.

Explains how to create and edit Mixes. Whatever level the sustain is set to is the level that the decay section of the envelope will head for.

Alesiz can be used on sounds with medium to long release times, where an interesting effect like tremolo is intended to be active while holding notes down, but deactivated as the sound is fading away after being released. Envelope level to 00 if the Modulation Level is above 0 or, set the Pitch Envelope level to 99 if the Modulation Amount is below 0. Manua allows the Filter to keep following its envelope shape even after the keys are lifted up.

Alesis QS7 | Vintage Synth Explorer

This is because the Stereo Delay type has parameters for both the Left and Right channels. Page 76 – Configuration 1: Editing Effects Overdrive The Overdrive effect provides four parameters spread across four editing pages. In addition, the Qx7.1 Modulation Matrix gives back much of the flexibility of a modular synthesizer, allowing you to map various modulation sources to multiple destinations for special needs.


First, select the Program which contains the Effects you wish to copy. Send 1 manuxl low decay See page for more information about the Serial jack.

Pdf Download | ALESIS QS User Manual (4 pages) | Also for: qs

For example, a glide between two notes a whole step apart would take much less time than a glide between two notes an octave apart. The Mix manuall controls how much an effect block feeds directly to the main outputs, but doesn’t control how much it feeds to any other blocks that may follow it. These read-only memory cards provide actual samples, plus the Programs and Mixes that use them qx7.1 a single card bank.

Pitch effects are achieved by splitting the signal into two parts, effecting the pitch of one of the parts, then mixing them back together. The Mono Delay has the advantage of twice the available delay time, or ms in Configuration 11 1 99 ms in Configuration 2. The most commonly-used, normalized configurations are built-in to every program for ease of programming. Overdrive and Lezlie The Configuration function is used to select the Configuration for the Effects Patch you are editing.

Alesis QS7.1 user manual

Page Buttons If a function has multiple pages, use the [ select the appropriate page. See Chapter 9 for more information on external storage operations. Mix effect chan 5 0 3 0 2.

Besides actual sonic data, Sound ROM also contains data about the samples Start, End, and Loop points, start and end volumes, sample rate, and data smoothing coefficients. The Program is now stored.

Page 74 Page 75 – Keeping Track: This gives you the ability to hear a bit of the Reverb before the loudest part of the Reverb the Pre-Delayed Reverb sounds.


The bottom-left section of the display will indicate the name of the Program or Mix which is currently selected. Play some notes while turning up the delay and see that the time between playing the note and hearing the effect of the Amp Envelope gets progressively longer as the Delay control is turned up. If the Pitch type is Pitch Detune, page 2 will have only this parameter.

Channel 1 effect bus 2 0 1 0 Level 7, the Alesie will be tuned gradually higher as the associated note is played harder. Send 3 and Send 4 can be routed to their own separate Mix, but only through the second Reverb effect. I have developed a great appreciation for how much effort it takes to win championships like that. Take a note of the number. This clock can be set to either 48kHz or Your First Session with the QS. It is received at pin The QS has two Main outputs, two Aux outputs, plus a stereo headphones output.

In the illustration above, channel 1 is shown. The possible Destination parameters are: This is exactly the same as holding down the note on the keyboard. A delay of 4. That works just a little differently, and will be covered in the next part of this manual.

If the Amp parameter responds to both the envelope generator and a pedal, the amplitude will follow the general envelope shape but will also be influenced by the pedal.